It all started with a few fish

Posted by : Michelle | On : July 10, 2012

Our daughter Samantha loved to go look at the fish at Walmart. Chris said “Hey, why don’t we get a small tank with a few fish?” I really liked the idea of having a small fish tank and that it would be a good learning experience for the kids, however I really did not need to add any more major projects to my continually growing list. So as long as I didn’t have to take care of it, it was just fine with me :-) . We found a small 3 1/2 gallon tank and about 5 little glo fish. These fish glow when under blue/black light.

We brought everything home and Chris set everything up and it looked great. That night it was fun to watch those little fish with their glowing neon colors zipping around.

imageShortly after, sadly some of those fish were not zipping around anymore. Chris was determined to figure out what he needed to do to make this a success and keep it going for the kids. The research began, trial and error, more research, more trial and error and more research. I was beginning to think that a hobby that was supposed to be relaxing was becoming not so much for Chris. It turns out that all of the work paid off and the fish are thriving along with the aquatic plants. There has even been offspring. The funny part of this though is the filter that Chris got for this little tank is bigger than the tank itself. The main part of it sits outside of the tank instead of inside. It must be the cleanest fish tank around.

Little did I know (or any of us know), what this little tank would start. Somewhere along the way Chris started talking about saltwater fish. Well, now we have a saltwater tank. It is really beautiful and to my surprise was actually easier to get going than the little freshwater tank. Maybe he should have started with that one, but then again he would not have learned as much and gained all of this knowledge of aquariums and fish. The fish are beautiful and I am amazed that these fish have distinct personalities. We have a pair of clown fish, a yellow tang, a blue hippo, flame angel, star fish, snails, and beautiful corals. The Hawk fish will perch on a rock or whatever and look at you. The name is fitting. The diamond goby so diligently sifts though the sand and builds little mountains all over the place. Just don’t get in the way or he will bury whatever is there. He does this all day tirelessly. Don’t you love how I call it a he. I really have no idea if it’s a boy or girl.

Reef Tank

The corals have intrigued me as much as the fish. There are so many types of corals. It is really hard for me to think of them as animals but they are. Some of them move around and even change shape. They even eat food.

imageThe kids love the fish as well and this will be a good way to teach them about marine life. I guess we all have learned a little something, and to think, it all started with a little tank and a few small fish.

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  1. Michelle said on 19-07-2012

    Thank you Sarah. So sorry about your fish. Chris can email you about what he has done with this tank if you would like. I think it i 45G. You should be able to do a really nice one with the 125G or even the 55G.

  2. Sarah said on 18-07-2012

    We have 2 BIG tanks -125 gal and 55 gal. We love them. Recently we had something kill off half of our fish- some very expensive, mature fish. We would like to do a salt water tank, but not sure yet. Yours are beautiful!

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